Monday, April 21, 2014


As Thumper explained to Bambi, "he's twitterpated."
In the real world, twitter has taken on new meaning. Having recently joined the twitterverse - with considerable trepidation, I might add - I wanted to share my experience.
I have to admit, the Twitter format seemed impossible, at least it did before I started. But the 140 character limit turns out to be a boon for creatively sharing information. The strict format fosters creativity, much in the same way that a highly structured poetic form encourages more imaginative use of language, or a small studio apartment motivates clever uses of space. I have to think about what I'm going to say and how I'm going to say it, to a greater extent than when blogging or posting to Facebook (to say it without using txt spk is an even more difficult undertaking!). That isn't to say that I am sloppy with other forms of media, but instead that the format affects the content in a particular (and interesting) way.
Because of this, I think Twitter would be a good exercise for any scientist who wants to work on getting better at communicating with the public. If it takes more than 140 characters to explain, in basic terms, what you're researching, then perhaps it's not so compelling research after all... either that, or (more likely), you're not doing a good enough job of explaining! (A decade or so ago, we used to refer to this kind of communication as "talking points.")
So call me twitterpated. I don't mind.

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