Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Five

Looking back through my recent posts, I feel I've been a bit serious. Serious isn't inherently bad, mind you, but in order to lighten the mood for the middle of the week, here are my choices for top five song spoofs. Enjoy.

#5 - Colorado Girls (parody of California Girls)
You probably won't find this as hilarious as I do if you're not from (or currently living in) Colorado. But anyone who grew up there can recite the Tom Shane radio commercials on command.

#4 - Canadian Idiot (parody of American Idiot)
Man, I love Canadians. I probably should have been one.

#3 - Tebowie (parody of Major Tom)
When I first saw Jimmy Fallon perform this (in costume), I almost cried.

#2 - White and Nerdy (parody of Ridin' Dirty)
This was a toss-up... #2 and #1 are very close. If I had to choose just based on video, this would be #1. Is it bad that I understand every single reference?

#1 - The Saga Begins (parody of American Pie)
I gave this one the top spot because it's impossible for me to hear the original without these lyrics instead. Weird Al is a genius.

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