Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I cannot let this go any further.

There are members of the Republican party - state and federal legislators - who are trying their best to take the United States back into the "good old days" before things like women's rights and birth control. They parrot lines about "family values" and "religious freedom," but this isn't what they actually mean when they propose these laws. Not even close.

Contraceptives. Contraceptives are not evil, Rush Limbaugh is evil. I personally was prescribed a low estrogen birth control pill for medical reasons long before I was sexually active. Requiring that an employer (or an insurance company, as the compromise allows) cover reproductive health, such as contraceptives, is not an issue of religious freedom. My employer doesn't get to decide, regardless of his/her religious beliefs. I decide based on my religious beliefs. That's religious freedom.

Abortion. Abortion is not evil. You're entitled to believe so if you wish, but you simply can't make public the fact that someone had one performed. To mandate that such information be made public is perverted and cruel. And Planned Parenthood is not some commie-funded abortion mill. Planned Parenthood is absolutely indispensable.

Sex Ed. Sex ed needs to include actual education. Telling young people only about abstinence is dangerously depriving them of necessary information. And besides, scientifically we know that approach doesn't work.

There are so many things wrong with the situation that I can't even bear to get into it - the number of letters I've written recently, begging for a continuation of science funding, demanding better science education, making it abundantly clear that women, minorities and immigrants are real people too - but I will say this. Contact your local, state and federal representatives. Write to the President. And VOTE. Please, for the love of all that is good and right in the world, vote.

Nothing will change without our help.


  1. I actually intended to rant quite a bit more than I did. But sustaining that level of anger is hard... I wore myself out. At least I managed to send a message to my state representative.

  2. http://blisstree.com/live/georgia-rep-wants-to-force-women-to-carry-stillborn-fetuses-like-cows-do-693/


    1. Yes, unfortunately, I've seen those stories and many like them. I didn't get the opportunity to say everything I wanted to - I ran out of energy trying.


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