Monday, September 12, 2011


Before this gets out of hand, I have to say something.

Yes, there was an explosion at the Centraco plant in Marcoule, France. It has been described as an "industrial accident."

NO, it was not a nuclear explosion.

NO, it did not involve nuclear materials.

NO, Centraco is not a nuclear reactor. It is a low-level waste processing site.

One person is confirmed dead, and three injured.

Now compare that to the second explosion which took place today:
A leaking gas pipeline in Kenya exploded, killing at least 75 and injuring at least 100.

Was that second incident underreported? ABSOLUTELY. (Google News counts: "Marcoule explosion" in last hour: 1,710; "Kenya explosion" in last hour: 712.)


  1. Dear Ms. Bomb:

    I don't find an email link or I'd do this privately but the topic of your Marcoule post and this link do relate so here goes.

    The link is via a fear-mongering website - the guy's normal target is Big Pharma and vaccines but he covers the waterfront and the linked item is about the end of civilization via solar flares and near simultaneous meltdown of our planet's nuclear reactors.

    Give us some solace - a more reasoned view in the "what if" case of a massive solar flare and associated impact on the power grid.

    Enjoy your articles and the Space Shuttle vid was very nicely done.

    Dick in Kansas City Missouri usa

  2. Hi there, Dick - I hope this answers your question!


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