Friday, August 20, 2010

Born in the USA, part 2

Again in the breakroom. The weather outside hovers around that warm/cool boundary, the type of weather that prevents you from knowing whether or not you need a coat. The sun is not visible for the low clouds, but there is no rain - for the moment.
"I don't even know how to do that," the student is saying. "I don't think I've ever touched a capacitor in my life. Guess I'll have to make a friend in the engineering department."
Cue the long sigh. "How I pine for my undergrad."
"You mean you wish you had an undergrad?"
"No, I mean I wish you all had to do my undergrad. We had to take things like circuits and machine shop and C++."
"I'd have liked to take machine shop... that would be cool. But we had to take physics courses."
"We had to take physics courses and machine shop."
"Oh." There's a pause. Finally, a friend breaks in: "I went to sixth form with a guy who didn't even know what a lathe was."
"What's a lathe?" Oh, good lord. Sigh.

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