Saturday, May 15, 2010

Whose English?

A recent article from the Daily Telegraph reads thus:
The native dunces

British undergraduates are almost three times more likely to make errors in their written English than those from overseas, research suggests.
A study of work by final-year students found that, on average, they had 52.2 punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors per paper, compared with 18.8 from the international students.
Prof[essor] Bernard Lamb, a reader in genetics at Imperial College London, and president of the Queen's English Society, who conducted the research, said the most common mistakes were disagreement in number between subjects and verbs such as "male sterility are useful" and wrong plurals as in "varietys".
"Done by my partner and I" and "a women" were among grammatical errors found. Spelling mistakes included "relevent" for relevant and "pail vains" for pale veins.
The work will be published in the society's journal, Quest, next month.

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  1. Oh boy, does this make me feel better. After having a friend proofread every paper that I write. And I do make mistakes on them.

    w.v. spare, as in spare me of all of the grammer mistakes on the web.


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