Monday, September 14, 2009

Modern day myth

Prana burns as fire; he shines as the sun;
He rains as the cloud; he blows as the wind;
He crashes as the thunder in the sky.
He is the earth; he has form and no form;
Prana is immortality.
Prashna Upanishad II.5

In the mountains of a faraway land (as I promised not to divulge its true location), I went hiking in the stillness of the afternoon. Upon cresting the shoulder of a small mount, there, behind an outcropping of crumbling granite, regally sat a winged black Dragon.
"I saw what you did, my child," he said to me.
"What did I do, sir?" I asked.
"You used your staff to knock earth into that small hole in the ground," the Dragon replied. I remembered. I had been afraid it was a snake's burrow. "You fear the snakes, but you do not fear me?" the Dragon asked.
"No sir," I replied. "I cannot fear you, for you are not real."
"But I am real," smiled the Dragon. "I am real, for the snakes are me, and the rocks and the heather are me. The birds and the pikas and the frogs, they are all me. The rushing wind and the trickling water, these too are me. Do you understand?"
I did.
The Dragon had disappeared, but within my very heart I heard his voice beckoning. "Come, my child, come with me. I shall take you home."
"Wait for me, I am coming," I called out after him. Breath filled my lungs, and across stone and heath I ran, my feet lighter. Ascending, the summit opened up to me, and I could see for hundreds of miles and millions of years in all directions.
And the Dragon was there because the rocks were there, because the birds were there.
The dragon was there because I was.


  1. Why yes, I did. Thanks for the compliment! :-)
    In all seriousness, there had been some discussion on the nature of myth and mythological language, and while I agree there is a danger in taking myth literally, in itself it has the power for tremendous good. I had read and heard so many myths myself that a trip up into the "high country" was all it took to prompt me into writing. It was only afterward that I stumbled across the scripture, but it demonstrates my point - lessons can be learned from myths, if one is simply willing to listen.

  2. I couldn't agree more.

    Art, Religion, even Sports all contain elements that seem bigger from "inside" them, than what is revealed by analyzing them for the "outside". I think the "inside/outside" conversation is the art of life. - if this makes any sense at all......

  3. Wonderful. I woke up with this story in my mind.


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