Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ever West

I took advantage of my last day here in Colorado (I do not know when I will return next); in my car, the soundtrack to Spirit at full volume, I drove, free, ever west, chasing down the sunset. The music would crescendo as I crested a hill, sweeping and propelling me onward. Just as the last color of the disappearing circle of the sun dropped behind the purple mountains, the theme slowed, right on cue. The lyrics pull at my heartstrings as I turn and drive east, the sky on fire with the remaining light. The rush of cool, crisp air whipped in my open window and tousled my hair, carrying with it the scent of grasses and dry earth. You will be sorely missed, Colorado, have no doubt. The last song played as I returned to my parents' home, wistful and hopeful, speaking my inner desires both to stay and to go. There is something strong that calls to me from across the ocean, but the pull of home is relentless. I cannot fully describe how I feel. All I know is that I do feel, something powerful and fierce and alive.
I hear the wind call my name
A sound that leads me home again
It sparks up the fire, a flame that still burns
To you I will always return

Under the starry sky
Where eagles have flown
This place is paradise
It's the place I call home

I know the road is long
But where you are is home
Wherever you stay
I'll find a way
I'll run like the river, I'll follow the sun
I'll fly like an eagle to where I belong

Can't stand the distance
I can't dream alone
I can't wait to see you
Yes, I'm on my way home

Now I know it's true
My every road leads to you
And in the hour of darkness
Your light gets me through

You run like the river, you shine like the sun
You fly like an eagle, yeah
You are the one
I've seen every sunset
And with all that I've learned
It's to you
I will always

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