Tuesday, June 9, 2009


When a firefly hits your car windshield, the "fire" continues to glow for several seconds, embers of the life that just ended. It is a strange and bittersweet thing to behold (bitter for the right brain, sweet for the left).
So how long do we continue to glow once our earthly bodies are gone? Do we, like the firefly, last only a few brief moments before disappearing completely? Or does the human spirit, the fire within us, have staying power? Years from now, are we forgotten, faded from our former glory, or does our light still shine as it did in life? Does it shine more brightly for being released from the burden of a physical body? Should we wish for it to glow, or to cease - is it truly "better to burn out than to fade away," as the song suggests?
If I know nothing else, I know this one thing: true religion is the inspiration that allows a few simple, directionless chemical processes to be imbued with a much greater worth.

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  1. Kelly, I know this may seem strange to you. More than likely, I will be forgotten by this world, but God will remember me for all eternity.


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