Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As my writing has been inconsistent, so has my data analysis. What result I once had, I cannot reproduce. Who would have guessed?
As we approach Good Friday, crayon colored flowers in bloom everywhere and distasteful gift baskets lining the shelves at Walmart, the more I ponder, and the less I can believe that, given the arguable (spiritual) purpose of life here on earth, there must exist a heaven. If we explain (or explain away, as the case may be) evil as either disciplinary or a combination of disciplinary and "the best God could do with all cohesive possibilities," (I point the reader to P.A. Bertocci's Philosophy of Religion), it remains to be seen why discipline should necessarily end at physical death, or why, if God could make something better (ie, heaven), this life should not also be better (because then it's possible). Did not Jesus, the "reason for the season," speak of the kingdom of heaven "which is now here"?
Two years ago, I attended an Easter service at a large Baptist church with a friend of mine. Irritated, I refused to raise my hand when the congregation was asked for the status of their eternal souls, drawing attention to myself and my inability to "play along." This Easter, I am again not certain, but I again refuse to believe merely because somewhere it is written, "blessed is he who believes and yet has not seen."
I suppose that it's back to the drawing board, metaphysically speaking.

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