Thursday, March 19, 2009


Please go read the BBC story. Those of us who believe that God is something larger than just what we can see or touch, who believe that science answers only those specific questions posed to it, who believe that one need not give up one's spirituality in the name of the truths of the material world - we are not alone.
Those who would use science to explicitly deny the existence of something more (that something more being "the ground of things," as d'Espagnat says, the "Divine Ground" of Huxley, the God of those of use who have chosen to search beyond just one religion or holy book) they are wrong. Those who would use science to prove the existence of something more (those who espouse intelligent design or the anthropic principle) are also wrong. But throughout the history of mankind, there have been those few who understand that life need not be one extreme or the other, and it is those who rejoice at the awarding of the Templeton Prize.
And, in case you're interested, the Templeton Prize is worth more money than a Nobel.

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