Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I desire

To live somewhere civilized, where you can walk or take public transportation, and owning a car is a treat, not a requirement, and all the radio stations are like NPR.

To be with my soulmate, if not in body, then in spirit.

To be paid to have good ideas.

To travel by train anywhere I need to go.

To spend as much time in the sunshine as possible, and not a hazy, diffuse sunshine like you get in humid places, but a piercing, painful sunshine like you get at high altitude when there's very little air between you and the Sun.

To get some sleep.

To see more of my family.

To own a computer that wasn't made incompatible with everything merely in order to be compatible with Windows Vista (the worst operating system ever).

To be intellectually challenged.

To be spiritually challenged.

To see my name in print... it's my one "pride," if you will.

To play with an orchestra again.

To be.

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