Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Googlicious and other invented words

So Google Earth will now include maps of the ocean floor, in addition to the million little things Google Earth already includes. Historic photographs and maps, 3D oceans, flying across the globe, stargazing, digitally rendered cityscapes, layers of mapping, searches, local photos. How neat is that?

In reality, I'm discussing Google Earth because I'd rather not write about the kidney-through-the-vagina thing. What is it about the mention of genitalia that gets the internet in an uproar?

There was snow in Tennessee, and snow in London. This post has been an exercise in linking.

I highly recommend Joanne Greenberg's new novel, Where the Road Goes. I took a creative writing course from her, once.

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  1. The news about snow in London surprised me. I thought that they would have more snow than that. I saw about Google last night on NBC Nighty News. Please show me on how to post links like what you did.


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