Monday, January 5, 2009


I have just recently returned from a trip partway across the country to visit home for the holidays. The outbound drive cut north to the tangled mass of interstates that is St. Louis, then followed the tornado-corridor of I-70 westward to Colorado. Coming back, the drive first meandered south along the Colorado front range, chasing the Rockies back and forth until finally catching them again at Raton Pass, then headed east along I-40, following the fabled path of historic Route 66 across uncivilized northern Texas, arid Oklahoma and chilly Arkansas. Though winter is hardly the time to be traipsing around the nation's middle if one is seeking nice views or picturesque landscapes, it was still a boon to be so fully immersed in the Eisenhower Interstate System.
But now I am back at work, preparing for another experiment, waiting for a laptop to be shipped, downloading Fedora Core 10 isos, and generally playing catch-up. Such is life, I suppose. Oddly enough, when I picked up my mail from the Post Office this morning, included in the stack was a brochure for Coastal Vacation Resorts, as if to say, "welcome back from your vacation, want to go on vacation?"

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  1. What? You go on another vacation? They are nuts. As soon as I get home from one, I want to get back to the usual routing of things for a while.


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