Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post of 2008

There are a multitude of dates which one might celebrate, ripe with meaning both personal and corporate; but this particular holiday has always seemed oddly useless to me. We choose to celebrate this arbitrary division of time, this calendar demarcation, despite its inanity. Birthdays and anniversaries are far more important. I suppose one could argue that New Year is close to the winter solstice, but that original celebration has been pretty well absorbed into Christmas, so there's no reason for a second holiday. In fact, why we should consider January 1st to be a "holy day" - for that's the etymology of the word holiday - is beyond me.
So happy arbitrary calendar division day, everyone. I hope the meaningless number 2009 (being 2008++) brings you cheer, good health, good fortune, and love. As if tomorrow was really, fundamentally, any different than today.

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