Saturday, March 1, 2008

Evolution and the school board

The buzz this time is all about Texas; the Ft. Worth area, to be precise. The Star-Telegram has reported on a possible shift in the area's school board toward a more religiously conservative majority. As might be expected, the scientific blogosphere has been up in arms (even to the point of typing too fast to verify one's spelling... no offense, Greg), with PZ Myers and Greg Laden weighing in with their (perhaps a bit panicky) opinions. However, we have all seen what happened in Kansas, what happened in Pennsylvania, what happened in Montana, what happened in Florida... so no one should be surprised by the scientists' uproar over the possible changing of teaching standards.
Interestingly enough, I find that the original article is the fairest assessment of the situation (even if a little liberal), since all of the scientists' blog posts are, most certainly, reactionary. We should be cautious when the issue is partly with the person and partly with the person's stance. There's no need for name calling. We can, and should, be nice to one another. That, surprisingly, is what the religious sect should be teaching us (instead of trying to teach creationism as science): to treat others as we would like to be treated.

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