Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why I hate politics

First off, the tactics being used between Clinton and Obama are shameful. It's always comforting to know that, even though we're on the same side, we're not really on the same side. I thought the Democratic platform was to browbeat the Republicans, right?
Second, once again, here comes Ralph Nader. Are we really so surprised? Needless to say, as a hopeless liberal, I did waste a vote on him once (Green party, if you must know), but at some point we all come to our senses and realize that a vote for a "non" party is a vote for the major party that you dislike most. Every vote for Nader detracts from the Democratic party candidate.
Of course, if we actually had more than just the two "legitimate" parties, politics might not be half bad. Unfortunately for America, however, everything seems to come down to "us" versus "them."

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  1. Amusingly, I've been in DC since Monday, and have been duly embroiled in the surging electoral fervor. Obama '08 and Clinton '08 shirts can be found everywhere; Republicans have a substantially poorer showing at the souvenir stands up and down the Mall. Tonight at dinner in a cozy Chinese restaurant near the Georgetown campus, a girl sitting in the booth next to us described to her companion the whole election as causing her a great deal of giddiness. Giddiness? Honestly.


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